Why is Search Engine Optimised Website Content SO Important?

22.04.20 10:34 AM By Jolene Wood

Search Engine Optimised Website Content puts you ahead of the rest…

SEO – a term you’ve no doubt come across - is the acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Most people think, and they’re not far off, that this relates to keywords and Google. It does. SEO is however, fairly complex.


We’re not going to delve into all the complexities and areas that you need to think about when it comes to SEO. In this post, we’re only going to focus on one, very key aspect of SEO, and that’s your website content.


But I don’t want too many words on my website!


This is something we hear often, and we agree. The days are long gone where you’d overwhelm your visitors with long-winded epistles about how absolutely wonderful your company is. Today, we like to keep things short and sweet.


That doesn’t however mean that you can ignore your need for well-planned, properly written website content.


Google wants 500 words per page…


While 500 words sounds like a lot, it isn’t if you consider all the words that you will be including on a web page. A few good headings, some nice explanatory content, a few panels leading to other pages and you have the required number of words.


Make your words COUNT!


Apart from counting how many words you have per page, to satisfy Google’s needs, you need to make sure that what you actually do have that’s wordy on your page, says the sort of things that will make your website visitors sit up and take notice. Not only this, you need to make sure that most of those words contain phrases and words that your prospects (potential website visitors) are going to be looking for.


It’s all about the mix…


Search Engine Optimised content is not about keyword stuffing – that is to include as many of the words your prospects are going to use to find your website and services as humanly possible. 


Well-crafted website content, that is properly search engine optimized, contains the right words and phrases, in the right places, from headings, to paragraphs and behind-the-scenes stuff you don’t even see. 


Getting that balance right is an art and you need someone who is skilled at SEO Content to create a masterpiece.

So what now?


You knew we would end up here! The part where we’re going to tell you that we can help you. The fact is that we can, and in an effort to blow our own trumpet properly, we are really good at writing great Search Engine Optimised Content. From your website content to blog posts – we can help you once-off and on an ongoing basis. 


The last essential consideration – COST!


How much will Search Engine Optimised Content cost you very rightly ask. Well, not that much at all, considering the return on investment well-written copy is likely to yield. That, and the fact that by doing the job really well first time, you save a lot of time, money and effort over the months and years to come. 


Get in touch with us to chat about what you need. In fact, why not just book a free marketing consultation with us? It costs you nothing and gives you plenty of help and direction. Book your session below. Alternatively use our chat facility (bottom right-hand corner of the screen) to ask us anything.


We’re looking forward to working with you. 

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