How Socially Acceptable is your Social Media?

12.05.20 04:57 PM By Jolene Wood

Doing social media the right way, is the only way to make it work!

Well you could have thought of that opening line yourself, sure, I mean it seems way too obvious and really, it is. But Houston we have a problem.


We are often contacted with requests to please manage social media content creation and posting for our clients, and that’s great. They’ve taken one of the key steps needed to getting their social media where it should be.


Hey it’s all about me! Let me SPEAK!


The problem however, lies in the fact that they generally want to use social media as an advertising platform only, and aren’t thinking about the social in social media.


What results, is way too much expected emphasis on posting content that describes how great they are, with very little that invites engagement from their audience.


It’s a bit like going to a party and talking – just talking without really caring whether anyone is listening or not. Talking without inviting input and engagement from your other party-goers. That’s what most companies do. They talk, they don’t engage.


It helps to place yourself in your own shoes really and think about what you enjoy seeing when you’re trawling Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn yourself. What makes you stop, look and maybe even offer up an opinion?


Thinking about your content from this perspective changes things.


Plan it. Integrate it. Enjoy it.


Social Media goes beyond your content however. People aren’t looking for you. You need to go to them. For that reason, social media needs to be fully integrated into your business. Social media must be something that you make sure your customer knows about. 


Make the engagement with you on social media, a rewarding experience for your customers. And make sure your team enjoys the process of creating great customer experiences on social media too. In other words, put the ‘social’ back into ‘social media’.


Go in search of other dimensions – beyond content.


Virtually every business CAN benefit from a good, well considered social media presence, but you absolutely have to integrate more than just content. 


Content is essential, but it cannot be all that you do on social media. Think about a live chat, targeted advertising, surveys, recruitment – with a good strategy you can get A LOT of business value from social media!


Strategy, Strategy, Strategy!


We love a good strategy, it’s one of the things we do best, and there’s a reason for that. 


By putting together a good content strategy for a full year, integrated with a lead-generation strategy, business support strategy and social media integration strategy – we can help you get actual ROI for what you spend on social media.


Why go for just content when you can get so much more. Our strategies are affordable, so there is zero reason to skip that crucial step. 


Think investment, not cost.


What you spend on social media needs to yield results. You need bang for your buck and we know that you may not be getting the bang – neither socially or financially. By approaching your social media from a strategic angle and planning for the results you need – you can think of the resources you dedicate to social media, as an outright marketing investment.


Take the first step.


We offer free half-hour consultations for a reason. We want to understand where you are and help you get a clearer picture of where you could be. Why not book a session with us today and take the first step to a more productive spend on social media?

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